Umbilical Cord Management

Cordguard™ Umbilical Cord Management

The Cordguard™ umbilical cord management system is an innovative single use device that conveniently and efficiently performs the following four procedures that occur after the birth of the neonate: (1) the umbilical cord is clamped next to the neonate, to assist coagulation and stop the blood flow out of the cord from the baby. (2) the umbilical cord is cut to separate neonate from mother. (3) a clean blood sample from the severed umbilical cord is collected for routine diagnostic evaluations, and (4) a secured cord can then help deliver the placenta.


Cordguard™ is a unified system for umbilical cord clamping, cutting and blood collection.


  • Quick and easy 4-step activation.
  • Enclosed collection reservoir for obtaining clean, uncontaminated blood.
  • Fully enclosed sharps.
  • Reliable, secure cord clamp.
  • Ergonomic handle assists in delivery of placenta.
  • Protective sheath keeps tubes clean for labeling.
  • Two vacuum tubes conveniently slide from handle when full.


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