Pathfinder Plus™ Endoscopic Irrigators

Pathfinder Plus™ Endoscopic Irrigators

Pathfinder Plus™ is a unique accessory for urological or other endoscopic procedures that puts the surgeon in direct control of continuous or bolus irrigation.

The Pathfinder Plus™ bulb irrigator is the elegantly simple irrigation device that provides the physician the option of controlling the flow of irrigation. The result is greater accuracy and enhanced visualization during endoscopic procedures.

  • Improved visualization.
  • Bulb compresses in various hand-held positions, and fits easily and unobtrusively in one hand.
  • Continuous flow and pulsatile action with minimal tubing.
  • Accurate delivery of bolus irrigation.
  • Optional control - physician or assistant.
  • Scope moves easily with bulb attached.
  • Attaches to any scope.
  • Less cumbersome than syringe administration.


Every member of the surgical team benefits when physicians have the option of controlling the continuous and pulsatile flow of irrigation. The physician knows exactly when and how much bolus irrigation is required, and clinical assistants can then focus on other critical tasks.

Pathfinder Plus™ Endoscopic Irrigation Device

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
PA701 Pathfinder Plus™ Bulb Irrigator, 10 in. Tubing with Luer Locks, Sterile. * 10/BOX Pathfinder Plus™ Surgical Irrigator. Model PA701
* Product is CE Marked

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