Muc-X™ Aspirators

Muc-X™ Meconium Aspirators

The MUC-X™ aspirator is designed for oropharyngeal and nasal suctioning of the newborn. MUC-X™ is a reliable and economical device which reduces the healthcare worker's risk of exposure to potentially infectious fluids.

  • Smooth, beveled tip is gentle to infant.
  • Minimizes the potential for direct oral contact with meconium.
  • Allows for one-hand suctioning.
  • Safe, reliable and easy to use.
  • Economical and cost effective.
  • Intended for use with mechanical suction devices only.
  • Prepackaged sterile for one time use.

MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirators

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
IM7088FR MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirator, 8 French, Sterile. * 25/BOX MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirator, 8 French. Model IM7088FR
IM71010FR MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirator, 10 French, Sterile. * 25/BOX MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirator, 10 French. Model IM71010FR
* Product is CE Marked

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