Finesse®+ Electrosurgical Generators

Finesse®+ Electrosurgical Generators with Integrated Smoke Evacuation

Finesse®+ Electrosurgical Generators are the only systems with integrated smoke evacuation. Their unique electronic design improves results for office-based procedures of gynecologists and other medical specialties.

The Finesse+ and Finesse II+ Electrosurgical Generator and Smoke Evacuation Systems are designed to meet the highest performance and safety standards currently required for electrosurgery.


UTMD’s electrosurgical experience and research into tissue effects during loop electrosurgery have resulted in an improvement to system design. Finesse+ and Finesse II+ incorporate Controlled Output Circuitry+ to produce the best tissue specimen for conclusive histopathology. Controlled Output Circuitry+ is UTMD’s advancement of “intelligent cut” circuitry that maintains the output within a prescribed cutting range by monitoring resistance and continuously adjusting the output to produce a specimen with minimal thermal damage at the margins. This eliminates any need to adjust the output setting when changing loop sizes.

Controlled Output Circuitry+ is a three-tier output delivery and monitoring scheme:

  • Tier 1: A microprocessor and specialized electronics continuously monitor the output, adjusting it to remain at the ideal level for smooth, char-free cutting.
  • Tier 2: The microprocessor compares the output to mathematically-defined reference curves, and further adjusts the output as necessary to ensure that safe output levels are maintained.
  • Tier 3: In the event that output cannot be adjusted to satisfy the reference curves, output is disabled and an error is indicated.



The Finesse+ and Finesse II+ Systems utilize a design that integrates the electrosurgical generator and smoke evacuation system into a single compact unit. This allows placement in operating areas with limited space, especially offices. It also allows simultaneous “single switch” activation of both modules by either the handswitch control pen or footswitch.

Finesse+ and Finesse II+ use a three-stage filtration system to evacuate and filter the smoke plume produced during electrosurgery. The filtration system includes an activated charcoal filter which adsorbs odorous gases, and two high-efficiency particulate filters which remove solid particles and aerosols. The three filters provide a minimum efficiency of 99.999% for 0.1 micron particles.


UTMD’s FinCQM circuit design adjusts to skin type variations and detects partial pad detachment before a pad site burn can occur. Output is automatically disabled and an error is indicated with separation of approximately 30% of the pad surface.


The Finesse+ and Finesse II+ Systems meet global standards for patient lead isolation. This provides protection for both patient and clinician by reducing the possibility of creating an alternate current path that could result in a burn.


Digitally-driven waveform shapes and a majority of the logic functions are hard-coded into a microprocessor-linked complex programmable logic device (CPLD). Component usage is significantly minimized to ensure reliable operation of the Finesse+ and Finesse II+ systems.

Finesse® + Electrosurgical Generators

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
FIN-110 Finesse+ Electrosurgical Generator 
(115 VAC).
FIN-220 Finesse+ Electrosurgical Generator 
(230 VAC). *
FIN2-110 Finesse II+ Electrosurgical Generator 
(115 VAC).
FIN2-220 Finesse II+ Electrosurgical Generator 
(230 VAC). *
* Product is CE Marked

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