BT-Cath® Balloon Tamponade Catheters

BT-Cath® Balloon Tamponade Catheters

A systematic, stepwise approach to managing postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) includes use of the BT-Cath® balloon tamponade catheter.

BT-Cath® is a soft silicone balloon tamponade catheter that provides direct pressure to control postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). BT-Cath® has a lumen allowing intrauterine blood drainage that allows timely confirmation of the tamponade effectiveness. The intrauterine drainage port is flush with the top of the inflated balloon (no tubing protruding from the balloon) allowing placement near the uterine fundus. Check-valves and other kit components are included to simplify and expedite the inflation process.

BT-Cath’s Design Benefits Include:

  • A soft balloon that is easy to insert, contours to the uterine wall, provides drainage near the fundus and does not require a surgical procedure to remove.
  • A uterine drainage port that is flush with the top of the inflated balloon.
  • A dual lumen catheter that allows infusion of saline to expand the balloon while providing uterine drainage to monitor the progression of hemostasis.
  • Durable silicone components with optimal biocompatibility and strength.
  • Two syringes to provide for uninterrupted infusion of saline for timely tamponade expansion.
  • A bag spike and stopcock equipped with check valves for efficient saline infusion without the need to repeatedly manipulate a stopcock.



The BT-Cath® balloon tamponade catheter with EasyFill™ inflation system simplifies the process of balloon inflation during emergent postpartum hemorrhage.

The innovative EasyFill™ design allows for single-person inflation and includes a single syringe and a tubing set (saline bag not included in kit).

Fluid is drawn directly from the 500 mL saline bag, through the tubing and into the syringe. When the syringe is pushed, a special valve only allows fluid to flow into BT-Cath®. Alternating filled syringes is no longer necessary.

— Single-person, simplified operation.

— Allows inflation directly from the fluid bag.

— Creates a closed system.


ACOG Clinical Management Guidelines state,
"When treating postpartum hemorrhage, it is necessary to balance the use of conservative management techniques with the need to [timely] control the bleeding and achieve hemostasis."

In their article,
"Tamponade balloon for obstetrical bleeding,” Bakri et al. conclude that, “Hemostasis in cases of post-partum bleeding caused by low-lying placenta/placenta previa can be achieved by using a large volume, fluid-filled tamponade balloon.” (International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, August 2001).

BT-Cath® Balloon Tamponade Catheter Sets

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
BTC-100 BT-Cath® Balloon Tamponade Catheter Set. Kit includes 1 ea. Balloon Tamponade Catheter with 4‑way Stopcock and Check Valve, 2 ea. 60 ml Syringes, 1 ea. Bag Spike with Check Valve. * 1
[ Instructions for Use ]
2/BOX BT-Cath® Bakri Style Balloon Tamponade Catheter Set. Model BTC-100
BTC-ESY BT-Cath® Balloon Tamponade Catheter with EasyFill™ Inflation System. Kit includes 1 ea. Balloon Tamponade Catheter with 4‑way Stopcock, 1 ea. 60 ml Syringe, 1 ea. Bag Spike/Tubing Set with Bonded Dual Check Valve (saline bag not included in kit). * 1
[ Instructions for Use ]
2/BOX BT-Cath® Bakri Style Balloon Tamponade Catheter with EasyFill Inflation System. Model BTC-ESY
* Product is CE Marked
1 Patented Product, U.S. Patent # 8,123,773

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