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Disposa-Hood™ is an infant respiratory hood designed for precise control of NTE, and precise oxygenation with consistent FiO2 distribution and CO2 flushing.

Product Description
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Disposa-Hood Disposable Infant Respiratory Hoods.Disposa-Hood™ is an excellent solution to problems encountered during oxygen delivery and Neutral Thermal Environment control.

Unique "Laminar Flow" design maintains consistent FiO2 levels throughout hood and improves CO2 flushing.

Convenient top port accommodates temperature and oxygen sensors.

Raised base ports for convenient placement of tubing and cables.

Clear, seamless material allows total visibility of infant from all angles.

Diffuser prevents oxygen from blowing directly on infant.

Soft padded neck opening is gentle to infant's skin.

Weighted base collar keeps hood in place, even with active infants.


The Disposa-Hood™ Disposable Infant Oxygen Hood offers the most popular advantages found in reusable hoods. Distortion-free neonate visualization and excellent FiO2 distribution are integrated in a disposable hood, so cross contamination is no longer a risk. With Disposa-Hood™ the toils of inter-Disposa-Hood oxygen hood over baby.use cleaning, physical tracking, and regular bioburden buildup testing are eliminated, conserving valuable time and resources. Also eliminated are the unsightly scratches that accumulate with repeated use and cleaning, as well as the high replacement cost of a damaged reusable hood.


Disposa-Hood™ has many advantages over cumbersome, inefficient tents. The Disposa-Hood™ is ready to use right out of the box, saving the time and eliminating the frustration involved with setting up the tent. The seamless, transparent design eliminates guesswork when the neonate requires visual assessment. Efficient distribution of the FiO2 and flushing of the CO2 are important benefits of the rounded Disposa-Hood™ shape, a flow design which can not be found in the available tents.

With the wide range of sizes available and the advantages that Disposa-Hood™ Respiratory Hoods offer, there is no reason to accept less than the best possible oxygen delivery system.

Disposable Infant Oxygen Hoods
Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
0301 Disposa-Hood™ Infant Respiratory Hood, Small. * 12/BOX Disposa-Hood™ Oxygen Hood, Small. Model 0301
0300 Disposa-Hood™ Infant Respiratory Hood, Medium. * 12/BOX Disposa-Hood™ Oxygen Hood, Medium. Model 0300
0305 Disposa-Hood™ Infant Respiratory Hood, Large. * 8/BOX Disposa-Hood™ Oxygen Hood, Large. Model 0305
0305W Disposa-Hood™ Infant Respiratory Hood, Large/Wide Neck. * 8/BOX Disposa-Hood™ Oxygen Hood, Large/Wide Neck. Model 0305W
0313 Disposa-Hood™ Infant Respiratory Hood, Extra Large. * 6/BOX Disposa-Hood™ Oxygen Hood, Extra Large. Model 0313
Reusable Collars
Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
0302 Reusable Collar for 0301 and 0300 Hoods. * 2/BOX Reusable Collar for 0301 and 0300 Oxygen Hoods. Model 0302
0308 Reusable Collar for 0305 and 0305W
Hoods. *
2/BOX Reusable Collar for 0305 and 0305W Oxygen Hoods. Model 0308
0314 Reusable Collar for 0313 Hood. * 2/BOX Reusable Collar for 0313 Oxygen Hood. Model 0314
Disposable Hood Starter Kits
Model Number Description Unit of Measure  
0325 Disposa-Hood™ Infant Respiratory Hood Starter Kit, containing one each of 0301, 0300, 0305, 0305W, 0302, and 0308. * 1/EA  

* Product is CE Marked

Overall Hood Dimensions
Small (0301) 7.0" L x 7.0" W x 5.4" H
Medium (0300) 7.0" L x 7.0" W x 5.4" H
Large (0305) 8.0" L x 8.3" W x 6.9" H
Large/Wide Neck (0305W) 8.0" L x 8.3" W x 6.9" H
Extra Large (0313) 13.0" L x 10.4" W x 8.5" H
Neck Opening Dimensions
Small (0301) 2.5" W x 1.8" H
Medium (0300) 3.9" W x 2.5" H
Large (0305) 5.0" W x 3.9" H
Large/Wide Neck (0305W) 5.0" W x 2.9" H
Extra Large (0313) 6.3" W x 5.0" H


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