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Delta-Cal™ and Veri-Cal™ are pressure transducer calibration verification devices. Veri-Cal™ allows you to test the accuracy of the pressure transducer, while the Delta-Cal™ also allows you to simulate the transducer and verify both the transducer's and the monitor's linearity, gain and accuracy at the bedside.



Calibration Verification Devices
Model Number Description Diagram Image
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650-950 Delta-Cal™ Pressure transducer simulator/tester. Includes connecting tube, stopcock and instruction manual. *
  • Delta-Cal™ Pressure transducer simulator/tester. Model #650-950Delta-Cal™ Pressure transducer simulator/tester. Model #650-950
650-900 Veri-Cal™ Pressure transducer tester. Includes connecting tube, stopcock and instruction manual. *
  • Veri-Cal™ Pressure transducer tester. Model #650-900Veri-Cal™ Pressure transducer tester. Model #650-900

* Product is CE Marked


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