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MUC-X meconium aspirators can reduce the potential for Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS).The MUC-X™ meconium aspirator is designed for oropharyngeal and nasal suctioning of the newborn. This DeLee style aspirator is a reliable and economical device which reduces the healthcare worker's risk of exposure to potentially infectious fluids.

Smooth, beveled tip is gentle to infant.

Minimizes the potential for direct oral contact with meconium.

Allows for one-hand suctioning.

Safe, reliable and easy to use.

Economical and cost effective.

Intended for use with mechanical suction devices only.

Prepackaged sterile for one time use.

Meconium Aspirators
Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
IM7088FR MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirator, 8 French,
Sterile. *
25/BOX MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirator, 8 French. Model IM7088FR
IM71010FR MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirator, 10 French,
Sterile. *
25/BOX MUC-X™ Meconium Aspirator, 10 French. Model IM71010FR

* Product is CE Marked

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