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LUMIN™ is an economical, disposable, pre-assembled uterine manipulator/injector that provides excellent utility compared to other more expensive devices.

Product Description
LUMIN™ Brochure

Precise uterine manipulation with the LUMIN Uterine Manipulator.The LUMIN™ (Laparoscopic Uterine Manipulator Injector) is a disposable, single-use, sterile device that establishes new standards for precise uterine manipulation. The ergonomic trigger handle design offers superior control through a wider range of manipulation angles. A secure positioning lock and intrauterine balloon allow the manipulator to maintain uterine position, freeing the physician's hands during the procedure.

LUMIN™ offers superior versatility for application in a variety of procedures. It is designed for both diagnostic and surgical procedures, eliminating the need to change manipulators, thereby preventing contamination of surgical fields and saving valuable time. The infusion line provides evaluation of tubal patency.

Trigger handle control offers easy, precise positioning.

Stainless steel cannula provides the required strength for confident control.

Position lock securely maintains uterine position, freeing surgeon's hands during procedure.

Cushioned 5.7 mm tip reduces risk of uterine perforation without excessive cervical dilatation.

Adjustable tip length accommodates correct uterine depth and orientation.

Balloon secures uterine position without a tenaculum and prevents leakage of contrast medium and gas.

Uterine Manipulators
Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
MIS-100 LUMIN™ Laparoscopic Uterine Manipulator/ Injector. * 1 10/BOX LUMIN™ Uterine Manipulator. Model MIS-100

* Product is CE Marked
1 Patented Product, U.S. Patent # 5,645,561

Lumin™ (MIS-100)
Intrauterine Balloon Maximum Diameter 24 mm
Intrauterine Balloon Maximum Volume 12cc
Tip Length Range 6 cm - 8 cm
Tip Outer Diameter 5.7 mm


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